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Essential Business Skills Every Hairstylist Should Learn
Essential Business Skills Every Hairstylist Should Learn

The hair industry is estimated to be worth millions or billions, and there’s no doubt that it’s a popular and competitive industry, so it makes sense to stand out to help you and your business thrive. To be successful at cutting and styling hair, Hairstylists need a certain set of abilities. These abilities can be acquired both in a vocational program and on the job. To succeed, hairstylists must continue to learn and follow the most recent trends. Additionally, Hairstylists keep track of the goods and services they give their clients, including the shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments they use, as well as the color and styling products they use. Blow dryers, curling and flat irons, hairbrushes, and scissors are examples of tools.

So what skills do you need to be a hairdresser who keeps up with the industry and stays booked and busy? Let’s take a closer look at the skills that can help you elevate, boost, and push your hairdressing career forward, wherever you choose to work.

What Business skills do you need to be a Hairstylist?

Hairstylists should learn creativity

Being creative is a basic quality in the beauty industry. Creativity and the capacity to develop new styles are essential. This would also include your professional experience, your ability to duplicate the newest haircuts and your knowledge of fashion. To be creative, you should be familiar with both traditional and trending haircuts.

Hairstylists need to stay on top of fashion and be willing to experiment with different looks for their clients. A Hairstylist may also need to copy a look for a customer based on a reference photo provided by the client.

Hairstylists should learn Marketing and Social Media Skills

Any salon business can be successful if the owner doubles their online marketing efforts. One of the
best ways to market online is to use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google Business Profile. Social media marketing enables hairdressers to reach new customers, engage with them, and get feedback. They can learn about trending hairstyles, market their services, and build customer loyalty. Customers feel valued and appreciated when they openly interact with their stylists online and express their views. Hairdressing is such a visual industry that it makes sense to share your work as well as share offers and availability. That often means you have to be a photographer, videographer, digital marketing, and your own PR department too.

Hairstylists should learn Financial Management Skills

When you run any business, you need to have a solid sense of budgeting and money management.
Crafting a realistic budget for a salon involves analyzing past financial performance, estimating future revenue based on client trends, categorizing expenses into fixed and variable, and incorporating a contingency plan for unexpected costs. The long-term financial strategy involves setting financial goals, assessing capital needs for salon upgrades or expansions, managing risks such as market trends or staff turnover, and planning for succession or sale of the business. Regular financial health assessments, investing in growth through marketing and staff training, and strategic reinvestment of profits are key to ensuring the long-term success and adaptability of a salon in a dynamic industry. This approach to financial management is essential for creating a sustainable salon business model capable of thriving in a competitive landscape.

Hairstylists should learn Time Management Skills

As a professional Hairstylist, you'll need to be able to manage your time effectively to ensure you're able to see as many clients as possible throughout the day. You should have a system in place for scheduling appointments, and be able to work efficiently to keep to your schedule. Once you have planned your days, weeks, months, and years, you can rank your tasks from most to least important. Attend to your most important tasks immediately or at least schedule some time in your calendar for completion. Each time you mark off a task, you will feel satisfaction in your achievements, and you can go on to address the next chore. Time management is also important for ensuring you have enough time to clean and sanitize your workspace while attending to your clients.

Hairstylists should learn Technical Hairstyling Skills

Technical skills are at the heart of hairstyling, and it's essential that you have a solid foundation in cutting, coloring, and styling hair. It's important to learn the basics of hairdressing, such as how to use scissors and clippers, how to mix and apply color, and how to style hair with a variety of tools and techniques. This knowledge needs to be kept up to date. Being the best at what you do is incredibly important for attracting clients and maximizing your earning potential. Pay attention to styling trends, social media, and client demands to work out where your technical skills might need a top-up. If there are areas you’re less confident in, then practice, attend a cosmetology school, take courses, work as an apprentice under an experienced hairstylist, and watch videos from online resources to further enhance your skills. Your technical skills as a hairdresser can be your biggest asset and biggest differentiator in the industry.

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