Our Flagship Courses

Grow your Hair like a Pro is a robust course that focuses specifically on the basic and important information you need to grow your hair, without beating around the bush. This course concentrates on the immediate actions to punt into practice in order for you to stop hair breakage and retain length, and removes all the hair care overwhelm. It reveals to you the tip, tricks, and hacks you need to grow your hair, no matter your hair situation.

The Ultimate Hair Growth Course is the only Hair Growth Course you will need to grow your Hair. This course acknowledges the reality that Hair Products will not grow your Hair if you don’t implement the right Hair Care Techniques. It is an intensive course that delves into details of how to grow your hair, how to optimize the hair strands to respond to hair care, all the tip, tricks, and hacks you need to grow your hair, no matter your hair situation.

Whenever you are trying to restore your edges, you need more than Hair Products. You need a total change of the habits that caused you to lose your edges in the first place, and that is where the Grow your Edges in six Months course comes in. This course concentrates on helping you learn and develop all the habits needed to grow your edges back. If you do not change these habits, you won’t be able to grow your edges back, even if you get the best Edge Restoring products. This course will teach you about the mindset needed to grow your edges, how to actually grow it, the things to stop and start doing, the forbidden and acceptable hairstyles, what to do if you are a Muslim Hijabite, amongst other things.

The Overcome Hair Loss (Alopecia) Course teaches about several types of Hair Loss (Alopecia) issues. It teaches in details the signs, how to use Hair Loss patterns to recognise the different types of Hair Loss, how to prevent them, treat them, and ultimately overcome them. It also teaches how to use genetics to simulate the chances of you or your clients coming down with Hair loss. With this course, Alopecia has got nothing on you or your clients. Take a look at the course content below for more information

The Overcome Scalp Disorders and Infections Course dives deeply into all for of Scalp Disorders, Infections and Infestations. A lot of people suffer needlessly due to misdiagnosed Scalp Disorders, and this can lead to permanent Hair Loss and other serious infections. This course teaches several signs and symptoms of several Scalp Disorders, Infections and Infestations, how to prevent them, treat them, and ultimately overcome them. You will learn about fungal disorders, bacterial disorders and so much more. And if you are a Hair stylist or Hair coach, you will recognise when to immediately send your clients to the dermatologist for further treatment, so you don’t expose yourself or clients to risks of infection

This course simplifies Hair Science, and breaks it down for even beginners to be able to understand. It is important that you know the science behind what is going on in you or your clients’ hair at all times, and this course will teach you that. It talks about the chemical processes our Hair strands go through when exposed to different conditions. This is a foundational course for everyone who wants to take their Hair care literacy to the next level.




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