The Hair Coaching Certification Course

The most comprehensive program that will help you build and launch a 7-Figure Hair Coaching Business, and help you become a Certified Hair Coach in 16 weeks! 

The Hair Coaching Certification Course is an intensive four-month online course designed to get you from the level of Novice to a seasoned Certified Hair Coach, serving clients in any part of the world.

In this course, you will be taught Hair Science in an in-depth manner, we will teach you how to build and structure your Hair Coaching Business, and help you develop Intelligent Coaching Frameworks that is guaranteed to deliver solutions to your clients and earn you money

Before I tell you all about the Hair Coaching Certification Course, let me tell you who this is really for…

The Hair Coaching Certification Course is for people like you who are passionate about Hair Care, understand that there are new opportunities opening up in Hair Care Literacy, and understand that time and location should not be a barrier to earning money in the Hair Care Industry, who want to help clients get from where they are to where they want to be

Whether you…

The Hair Coaching Certification Course will give you all the tools you need to build a Successful Hair Coaching Business. We will give you all the scientific knowledge, Business and marketing knowledge, frameworks, reporting and consultation templates, access to hair coaching community, etc

By the time you are done with the Hair Coaching Course, you will have


Become a Certified Hair Coach

After going through the course materials, completed all quizzes, and assignment, you will get your certification at the end of the program


Become an Expert in Hair Science

After over 12-20 weeks learning about Hair Science, you will get all the Hair Science knowledge needed to help your clients get results to their hair and scalp issues


Nailed Down your Unique Hair Coaching Model

based on your personality, your target market, unique selling point, your Business Goals and Model. 


Built your Hair Coaching Framework

needed to get your Clients from where they are to where they desire to be in their Hair and Scalp health. 


Created your Business Marketing Plan

to target, reach and help the exact audience you want to serve in your Hair Coaching Business


Launched your Hair Coaching Business!

as a result of your  Final Course Project, which will demand that you create your Hair Coaching Business before you can graduate

But above all, the Hair Coaching Course will give you the confidence to finally build, launch and scale your Hair Coaching Business, and generate the revenue needed for a better quality life

Course Overview

Hair Coaching Science

The Science of Hair Growth (12 Lessons)
Basics of Cosmetic Science (6 Lessons)
The Basics of Hair Care (6 Lessons)
Scalp Health and Disorders (7 Lessons)
Hair Loss Science (6 Lessons)
Infections and Infestations (4 Lessons)
Hair Shaft Science (12 Lessons)
DURATION 6 - 8 weeks

Hair Coaching Framework

Coaching Client Profiling
Preparing your clients (Pre-coaching, During coaching and Post-coaching)
The Art and Science of Listening
Rapport Building in Hair Coaching
Hair Coaching Pathway
Consultation reporting templates, Client forms and other documents
Terms and conditions / Refund Policies
DURATION 2-4 weeks

Hair Coaching Business

Hair Coaching Methodologies
Hair Coaching Products
Structuring your Coaching Business
Building Authority as a Hair Coach
Marketing your Coaching Business
Active marketing - passive marketing
Collaborations, Referrals and Strategic partnerships
Websites, Landing Pages and Blogs
DURATION 2-4 weeks

Six Months Access to The Good Hair Tribe

(For Full Payments Only)
Monthly Sessions with Guest Experts (Doctors, Dermatologists, Hair Surgeons, etc)
Constant Access to a Certified Trichologist
Exclusive video Hair Coaching calls
Access to Afrocentric Hairstyling Course
Exclusive Access to The Good Hair Tribe Community

Praise Edu The Good Hair Tribe Hair Coaching

“My highlight for the course was being held accountable. There is a plan to make sure that you really understand what you've learned and put it into practice. I have launched my Hair Coaching Business, and I am implementing the Coaching Report Templates and guidelines provided in the Hair Coaching Course.”

Praise Edu – (Barbier and Moore)

Hair Stylist and Beauty Entrepreneur

Here’s what you get when you enroll in this cohort of the Hair Coaching Course

Because of The Good Hair Tribe, my coaching experience has been radically transformed. I've been able to develop my coaching framework for my clients. I’ve been able to structure it to fit their needs. This is a platform where I get up-to-date science-based information to help my coaching clients.

Olusola David-Elegbede – (MummyMo Hair Care)

Children’s Hair Care Coach

Nairobi, Kenya

Atilola Moronfolu Hair Coaching Webinar

Meet your Lead Tutor

I’m Atilola. I have worked closely with Hair Stylists, Hair Surgeons, Dermatologists, Hair Influencers, Hair Coaches and other Hair Experts and Enthusiasts all over the world to deliver Hair Coaching and Clinical solutions to my clients

I have built a 7-figure business in Hair Coaching, with several Hair Coaching products and methodologies

I am a Certified Trichologist and Advanced Cosmetic Scientist. I am currently training Hair Stylists Worldwide in Hair Care Literacy, and training people worldwide to become Certified Hair Coaches.

I have invested the past 13 years in helping women achieve their goal of healthy hair, with African Naturalistas products, Trichology Consultations, masterclasses, memberships, hair regimens, e-books, and several Hair care programs.

I am the Lead Tutor at The Good Hair Tribe, a Tech-driven Hair Care Literacy community and Hair Science Coaching platform to arrest Hair Loss and Scalp Diseases

One of the aspects that really intrigued me in the course was about human relationships, how to talk to people, how to interact, how to answer, how to be a better listener. I've now launched my Hair Coaching Business, and have a couple of clients. I’ve gained the confidence needed in talking to them, following up with them and meeting their need . If you want to start a Hair Coaching Business, this course is the right path for you.

Olusola Awe

Hair Influencer and Hair Coach

Houston Texas

When you enroll in the Hair Coaching Course, you will be ready to launch your Business in Four months!

Because of the teachings at The Good Hair Tribe, I’m able to diagnose the client’s issue, and offer recommendations. I have a knowledge base I can go to for all my clients’ issues, and a community I can go to ask questions. They can help me when my clients get stuck, and help me deliver better service to my clients

Oyinkan Gbadebo – (Mia Bella Salon)

Salon Entrepreneur


With the information from The Hair Coaching Course, I can create e-books, coaching courses, etc. There is a broad range of products I can develop.

Rita Hadebe


Rita Hadebe The Good hair Tribe Hair Coaching Course

Your questions answered...

IMMEDIATELY! The Hair Coaching Course has been designed in a way that you graduate with a structured business. So you never have to keep wondering when to start because the course is the kickstart you need

You don’t have to be a Hair Expert to take the Hair Coaching Certification Course.

The course has been designed to deeply train you in Hair Science, no matter your level of expertise.

As long as you are interested in the Hair Coaching Business, you can take the course.

Even though you are a Hair Expert, you need to be able to coach your clients and learn to build a business around it, which the Hair Coaching Certification will provide.

Also, Hair Science evolves everyday, and we have been teaching new breakthrough and innovations in Hair  Care 

Click on any of the buttons on this page, and you will be redirected to the payment page. Once payment is complete, you will be registered before the course start date

Early Bird (Feb 28 – Mar 5, 2024) – USD 699 / NGN 699,000 / ZAR 13,393.61

Regular Bird (Mar 6 – Mar 12, 2024) – USD 799 / NGN 799,000 / ZAR 15,309.72

If you desire to pay in other currencies apart from US Dollars and Naira, send an email to, and we will immediately create a unique payment link for you.

Yes, there is a two-time payment plan option. 

Early Bird – USD 699 (or a two time payment of USD 375 to be paid 4 weeks after the first payment)

Regular Bird – USD 799 (or a two time payment of USD 425 to be paid 4 weeks after the first payment)

Click on any of the buttons on this page, and you will be directed to a page with the payment button. Choose your desired currency, and payment plan, and pay. If you do not see your desired currency, send an email to with your desired currency and payment plan

You have a full money-back guarantee after the payment. This is as long as you can show evidence that you have learnt everything taught, and you have implemented all the steps in setting up your coaching framework, and launching your business, yet you couldn’t get your clients results. After this, we will refund you in full

The Hair Coaching Certification course is 100% virtual. You can join take it from any part of the world. All you need is Internet and a connected device, such as phone, tab or laptop

The Hair Coaching Certification course is delivered via pre-recorded video lectures, which you will have access to in your account

We have provided several learning aids, tools and resources to accommodate different learning styles, make student assimilation easier. These include Downloadable and Editable Lesson Workbooks, Video Transcripts, Interactive Lesson Quizzes, Access to Research Materials and Journals, Downloadable Teaching Summaries, Live Activation Classes, and  Accountability Groups

All you need is Internet and a connected device, such as phone, tab or laptop

Yes, all the necessary documents needed to run your coaching business successfully will be given to you in the relevant modules

You will have lifetime Access to the course, as long as the course is hosted

The course starts on March 13, 2024

The Hair Coaching Certification Course is a four-month intensive course, consisting of lectures, assignments and projects, quizzes, live catalyst sessions and online class sessions

Your Login details will be sent to you on the day the course goes live, and you will be able to fully access the course

Yes, you will have access to Atilola during the Bi-Weekly Live Catalyst Sessions, where you can ask any questions and make clarifications

The Hair Coaching Certification Course comes with a Bonus Six months complimentary membership to The Good Hair Tribe. After six months, you can decide to remain a subscribed member of The Good Hair Tribe, by paying the monthly subscription. 

You will not be penalised for not completing the course in four months. However, this means you might not be able to set up your Hair Coaching Business on time, if that is your desire

You Hair Coaching Certificate will be issued to you only after you have completed the course

Remember that you have lifetime access to the Course

This is not a problem. You can complete it in far less than four months, even weeks, if you have the time to fully dedicate to this. You will still retain all your benefits.

However, be sure to complete all your quizzes and assignments, and ensure you properly understand everything you are being taught 

The Hair Coaching Certification Course has been structured to accommodate both busy and less-busy people. Course lectures and assignments are released periodically. You have one week to complete them before the next week’s lectures are released. So busy people can easily plan their schedule around it.

Also, if you cannot complete the course within the advised timeline, you can complete it at your own pace since you have lifetime course access




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