The Good Hair Tribe

A Tech-Driven Hair Care Literacy Tribe for Hair Stylists, Hair Influencers, Hair Enthusiasts, and Hair Optimists

At The Good Hair Tribe, we help you and your clients achieve set goals, using Hair Care Literacy resources such as Hair Science teachings, Industry Expert knowledge, Hair Styling courses, coaching calls, quizzes, challenges, amongst many things.

We focus on hair care of black women from all parts of the world.

Whether you are someone who has a particular hair issue to solve or you are a stylist looking to serve your clients better, The Good Hair Tribe is for you!

Sola E 2

Being on The Good Hair Tribe has helped me provide more updated information to my clients. I’m able to provide answers and solutions to my customers swiftly. I’m also able to know when their issue is beyond my level of expertise. Being on The Good Hair Tribe has enhanced my service and value delivery to my customers.

Olusola Elegbede

Mummymo Hair Care

After a decade of helping women achieve their hair and scalp goals, I’ve built a tribe of women that is for...

Hair Stylists

As a stylist, you don't need to be a Trichologist in order to help your clients. You will have access to a wide range of educative hair care resources and a Trichologist, who will be there to help you understand your clients' hair and scalp issues, and help you solve them. This would give you more credibility before your clients, and you can even structure this service as an extra they can pay for.

African American mother taking her daughter to the school. Education concept.

Hair Care Givers

As a stylist, you don't need to be a Trichologist in order to help your clients. You will have access to a wide range of educative hair care resources and a Trichologist, who will be there to help you understand your clients' hair and scalp issues, and help you solve them. This would give you more credibility before your clients, and you can even structure this service as an extra they can pay for.

Hair Influencers

Hair Influencers on Youtube, Instagram, etc are the most common peddlers of false hair care information. As an Influencer, there is need for you to stand out amongst your peers, and be seen by your followers and community as a credible force of knowledge in the Industry. Your community will trust you more when they see that your proposed solutions actually work!

Hair Optimists

For people working to solve a particular hair loss issue or scalp disorder, the literacy resources we provide is perfect for you to tackle your hair issues from the root. The community we provide is always there for you to lean on when you run into dead ends.

Hair Enthusiasts

Hair lovers and people who are working towards a particular goal in their hair care journey need to be able to access information that fuel their passion, and help them hit their target. At The Good Hair Tribe, you will have access to Hair Care resources and knowledge needed to help you grow long and healthy hair

You are in the right place, and I am going to tell you how The Good Hair Tribe will help you, your clients and wards achieve your Hair and Scalp goals, no matter your level of hair care expertise

After joining The Good Hair Tribe, you get...

Constant Access to a Certified Trichologist

You will have exclusive access to a Certified Trichologist in the tribe, who will always be there to guide you in coming up with Hair Care solutions for you and your clients

Access to Specialized Tribal Pathway Courses

You will get access to your curated pathway courses, released into your portal on a weekly basis, and which you can always take at your own pace

Free Access to the Afrocentric Hairstyling Course

You will get FREE access to the Afrocentric Hairstyling course, which is a course for aspiring, new, intermediate, and expert Hair Stylists in the salon and home environment

Access to Dermatologists, Hair Surgeons, Doctors, etc

We have highly-specialised Industry Guest Experts, such as doctors, surgeons, fitness experts, come to reveal how to use practices in other areas of our lives to improve the health of our hair and scalp

Monthly Hair Science Trainings

Each month, a new hair care video teaching, with credible information, is released into your membership portal, which you can watch at your convenience

Monthly video Hair Coaching calls

You will have premium monthly video coaching call with a Certified Trichologist, where the Trichologist will coach you on attendant client issues, your hair care journey, and attend to your burning hair issues

Weekly Q and A with a Certified Trichologist

There is a special weekly Q and A session with a Certified Trichologist, to deal with each week's teachings, and provide more insight, answer questions, and address concerns

Prizes on Hair Care Challenges

We hold periodic fun and interesting Hair Care challenges and competitions, where winners are richly rewarded

Discounts on Hair Products

You get hair products at discounted rates, after a minimum of three months consecutive or lump subscription, (barring any other promotions)

Community support from Hair enthusiasts

You have access to knowledgeable tribe members in our exclusive Facebook Community, who are always available to get you out of any hair care rot you or your clients might be stuck in

I have a knowledge base I can go to for all my clients’ issues, and a community I can go to ask questions and can help me when my clients get stuck, and help me deliver better service to my clients 

Oyinkan Gbadebo

Mia Bella Salon

Meet The Good Hair Tribe Founder

atilola square

Hi.  I have worked closely with Hair Stylists, Hair Surgeons, Dermatologists and other Hair Experts and Enthusiasts all over the world to deliver value where it is needed.

I am a Certified Trichologist, board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Advanced Cosmetic Scientist with the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia. I have invested the past 10 years in helping women all over the world achieve their goal of healthy hair, with African Naturalistas products, Trichology Consultations, masterclasses, memberships, hair regimens, e-books, and several Hair care programs. 

I have partnered with some of the best Hair Stylists and Medical Practitioners to deliver hair care solutions to my clients.

I am Atilola Moronfolu. I have helped over 500 women grow long and healthy hair. I am extremely passionate about healthy hair, and because of this, have embarked on creating an industry that would make healthy hair and scalp a possibility for everyone who desires to achieve all over the world.

I am the Trichologist at African Naturalistas Hair Clinic, where we treat and manage over 50 hair loss issues and scalp disorders. 

What I like most about The Good Hair tribe is the access to guest experts, who teach us about our hair and health related issues. I like Atilola's strength, the passion she uses to drive her points home, the joy she derives from people's response about their hair care journey, and her innovative strategy to build the Good Hair Tribe

Tosin Popoola

BeautyXtra Salon


My edges, which I thought were gone for good, are gradually growing back. In The Good Hair Tribe, there are no stupid questions. I also get to learn from the experiences of other members. The teachings on the portal are very informative and enlightening. Atilola breaks stuff down to the simplest form, and she brings the best guest experts for our sessions.

Oluwatobi Bolasodun 

I like the monthly quiz and the weekly teachings on The Good Hair Tribe. The quizzes keep us on our toes, and makes the teachings stick. I like the way Atilola teaches passionately, she knows her onions.

Valerie Giwa

Oyie Ekang

Ever since I joined The Good Hair Tribe, I am slowly regrowing my edges and my hair is fuller. What I like about Atilola is her pleasant attitude and how she makes the group collaborative. I don’t learn only from her but from all members of the group

Oyie Ekeng

My edges have started growing. I saw a great improvement in my edges as a result of the challenge on the tribe. I have also seen a difference in the length of my hair. Atilola is very knowledgeable and caring. She doesn't keep any information back. She teaches with her whole heart

Olutomi Akanmu

All your Questions answered...

Click any of the payment buttons on this page. Once payment is made, to page, where you will select your pathway, and be mapped to its resources. Once this is done, all login information, and ways to join the community will be sent to you

The Good Hair Tribe is a three-pronged membership. We use video teachings model, community model, and group-coaching model. The video resources are hosted on this membership site ( via a Learning Management System. The Good Hair Tribe community is hosted on Facebook, and the Hair Coaching calls and Industry Expert Teachings take place on zoom. 

Subscription to the Good Hair Tribe costs $20.00 (N9000) monthly, $37.50 (N26,325) quarterly, $114 (N51,300) every six months, $216 (N97,200) annually.

You can pay with your Debit or Credit from any part of the world. Select your preferred currency on the payment page (If you prefer other currency options, send an email to info@thegoodhairtribe, to get your payment link). Once you join the tribe using the payment link, you will be automatically billed. 

Though we can’t understand why anyone would want to leave The Good Hair Tribe, considering how amazing the benefits are for you and your clients, when compared to the cost, you can always leave anytime. You can cancel the subscription yourself, or just send an email to, and your subscription will be cancelled.

No, The Good Hair Tribe is not limited to any location. You can join the tribe from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the Internet. All you need is your mobile device and/or PC.

It is also not limited to a time or period. You have access to the community, teachings and any benefits at all times. Should you miss any teaching, just log in to your Good Hair Tribe portal, and it will be there waiting for you?

Absolutely!!! When you join The Good Hair Tribe, and have access to your membership portal, you will have the opportunity to sort between Beginner, Intermediate and Expert videos. So you can easily go to the expert videos, which will be most beneficial for you and the clients you want to serve with your knowledge. You can also go straight to the Industry Expert Resources with Hair Surgeons, Dermatologists, etc

We understand that different people have different schedules. This is why the your membership portal is designed to have your video teaching resources always available to you. Replay sessions for guest expert teachings and monthly video coaching calls are also available for people who miss the sessions. The ever-willing community is also always there to bring you up to speed on any missing information