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5 Things HairStylists Should Stop Doing
5 Things HairStylists Should Stop Doing

In the ever-evolving world of Hair Care, it's crucial to stay on top of your game by not just adopting positive habits but also by letting go of the not-so-great ones. Let's dive into five things HairStylists should bid farewell to if they want a more successful and fulfilling career. Join The Good Hair Tribe Membership to learn about what you should be doing as a Proactive HairStylist.

1. HairStylists should stop Ignoring Hair History and Texture

I get it, you're an artist, and you have a vision. But before you launch into that trendy new Hairstyle, take a moment to listen to your Client. Discuss with them about their hair's quirks and cowlicks, its past traumas (bleaching disasters, relaxer mishaps), and its current needs (hydration? volume?).

A Hairstyle that looks fabulous on Instagram might not translate well to that Client's unique Hair Strands. Consider your Client's Hair history and Texture before styling, and you will both be happier with the outcome. Join The Good Hair Tribe Membership to gain extensive knowledge on Holistic approaches to helping Clients with different Hair Textures and Histories.

2. HairStylists should stop Roughhousing With Scalps

I understand detangling can be a battle. But please, be gentle with your Client's Scalps. Yanking and pulling at knots hurts, and it can damage our Hair Follicles. As a HairStylist, your Clients entrust you with the well-being of their Hair and Scalp, and it's crucial to approach detangling with care. Incorporating a detangling spray and taking the time to work through knots methodically ensures a smoother process and fosters a positive experience for your Clients.

By treating their Scalps with kindness and understanding, you not only promote Hair Health but also create a rapport that can result in a satisfied "ahh" from your Clients, possibly accompanied by a generous Tip as a token of appreciation for your attentive and considerate approach.

3. HairStylists should stop Shaming Clients' Hair Habits

Everyone has their own hair routines, some of which might not be textbook perfect. But there's no need to make clients feel guilty about washing their hair every other week or using a flat iron occasionally. Instead of judgment, offer helpful advice and alternative solutions that fit their lifestyle. Remember, the goal is to make them feel good about their hair, not shame them into changing everything.

4. HairStylists should stop Using Outdated Tools and Products

Your tools are the backbone of your craft, and using outdated or worn-out tools can hinder your performance. Make sure you regularly assess and update your equipment to ensure the best results for your Clients. Similarly, keep an eye on emerging Hair Care products that align with industry advancements. Offering the latest and greatest tools and products not only enhances your reputation but also ensures your Clients receive top-notch service.

5. HairStylists should stop Overlooking Continuing Education

Hairstyles, trends, and techniques are constantly evolving. If you've fallen into the trap of thinking you know it all, it's time to reassess. Stop overlooking the importance of continuing education. Attend workshops, seminars, and industry events to stay current with the latest trends and techniques. The more you invest in learning, the more you can offer your Clients, setting you apart as a knowledgeable and skilled Stylist. Register for The Good Hair Tribe Membership now to unlock exclusive resources and expert guidance that will enhance your ability to provide superior care for your Clients.

In conclusion, being a hairstylist can be challenging—always on your feet, handling sharp tools, and contending with a perpetual struggle against split ends and bad hair days. However, by steering clear of these common pitfalls, you can establish a more positive and productive environment for both yourself and your clients. It's crucial to recognize that building trust, fostering communication, and showing respect are vital components of cultivating enduring relationships and a flourishing salon business. Join The Good Hair Tribe today to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to build a flourishing Hairstyling business.


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