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12 Signs that Your Clients’ Hair is in Trouble!
12 Signs that Your Clients’ Hair is in Trouble!

The first person who notices a client's Hair Loss issue or Scalp Disorder is usually the Hair Stylist, but the stylist must be educated in the science of hair care to identify these disorders correctly. When it comes to hair stylists, we have bad hair stylists, regular hairstylists, and proactive hair stylists.

A proactive hair stylist will not only "accidentally" discover issues in their clients' hair and scalp, but will proactively look out for them, and offer recommendations or send clients to relevant specialists. As a hair stylist, you should aim to be a proactive hairstylist. Start your journey to becoming a Proactive Hairstylist by Registering for The Good Hair Tribe Membership today.

The following are signs that your client's hair are scalp might be in trouble.

1. Your Clients' scalp itches without control

When your client is always scratching her hair, even after washing, know that this is a red flag. She might have tried several things without getting any solution and has even come to accept this condition as normal. It is not normal, and something should be done about it.

2. Your client has small patches of hair loss all over her head

If you notice coin-sized patches on your client's head, this is cause for alarm. These patches can range from one patch to as many as 10 patches. These patches will usually fill back with a little hair, causing you to think the problem is over, but the hair will later break again. Register for The Good Hair Tribe Membership now to access exclusive resources and expert advice that will empower you in taking care of Clients with Hair Loss.

3. Your client has a large round patch in the middle of her head

You should definitely scream when you see a large round patch in the middle of your client's head. The reason why the patch got that large was because nobody screamed in the first place. Inform the client, and tell her to seek help immediately!

4. Your client has Hair loss in other areas of her body

Someone experiencing hair loss in other areas of the body such as hands, legs, eyelids, pubic area, etc should definitely be checked because it is a sign that the head will go through the same. Don't overlook these signals. Encourage them to seek professional advice from a Certified Trichologist and join The Good Hair Tribe Membership for comprehensive insights into Holistic Hair Care.

5. Your client has a Vertical Patch

Vertical patches that extend from the mid-frontal region down to the back of the head are quite sneaky because, by the time you notice them, a significant amount of thinning would have occurred. Inform your client to take action if you notice this pattern of Hair Loss. Join The Good Hair Tribe Membership now for Proactive insights and strategies to tackle this pattern and promote Healthier, Fuller Hair.

6. Your client has a Patch that keeps widening

Hair loss is bad enough, but hair loss that keeps getting wider in a set pattern is worse. Bring this to the attention of your client, and let them have it checked and treated before it eradicates their entire hair.

By recognizing and addressing these warning signals early on, you not only safeguard your clients' hair but also contribute to their overall well-being and confidence. Remember, prevention is key, and timely intervention can make a world of difference. Don't let your clients' hair troubles go unnoticed— Join The Good Hair Tribe today to access a wealth of knowledge and support to elevate your practice.

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