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Grow your Edges in Six Months
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Grow your Edges in Six Months

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About this Course

Whenever you are trying to restore your edges, you need more than Hair Products. You need a total change of the habits that caused you to lose your edges in the first place, and that is where the Grow your Edges in Six Months course comes in. This course concentrates on helping you learn and develop all the habits needed to grow your edges back. If you do not change these habits, you won't be able to grow your edges back, even if you get the best Edge Restoring products. This course will teach you about the mindset needed to grow your edges, how to actually grow them, the things to stop and start doing, the forbidden and acceptable hairstyles, and what to do if you are a Muslim Hijabite, amongst other things. Take a look at the course content below for more information

This course is for you if you…

  • Want to restore your edges, but don't know how
  • Have tried several products to restore your edges, but have seen no results
  • Lost your edges, but have no idea how it happened
  • Want to help your clients and customers grow their edges back
  • Are tired of Trials and Errors when it comes to restoring your edges
  • Your edges keep receding backwards
  • Are a Hairstylist ready to increase your knowledge and serve your clients better
  • Are a Hair Coach or an aspiring Hair Coach
  • Are a Hair Influencer ready to increase your knowledge and be of better value to your audience
  • Are an aspiring Trichologist

After completing this course, you will be able to…

  • Grow your edges back
  • Know what exactly caused your edges to recede, and prevent it from reoccurring
  • Build sustainable habits to help you keep your edges full
  • Teach others about how to restore their edges
  • Help your clients and customers restore their edges
  • Become an Edge Restoring Expert

What you get after Course Completion

Course completion Certificate. Ensure you complete all the quizzes

Course Access Timeline

1 year

How to access this Course

Click on the "Take this Course" button above to enrol in this course. Add the course to the cart. Once you check out, you will be automatically enrolled and redirected to the course page. The link to access the course will also be sent to your email.

Course Tutor

Atilola Moronfolu is a Certified Trichologist, board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Advanced Cosmetic Scientist with the Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia. She has invested the past 12 years in helping women all over the world achieve their goal of healthy hair, with African Naturalistas products, Trichology Consultations, masterclasses, memberships, hair regimens, e-books, and several Hair care programs. 

She has partnered with some of the best Hair Stylists, Surgeons, Dermatologists and Medical Practitioners to deliver hair care solutions to her clients.

She has helped over 3000 women grow long and healthy hair. She is the Trichologist at African Naturalistas Hair Clinic, where she treats and manages over 50 hair loss issues and scalp disorders




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