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Characteristics of a Good Hair Coach(Part 2)
Characteristics of a Good Hair Coach(Part 2)

In part 1 of the characteristics of a good Hair Coach, we talked about some things that make a good Hair Coach stand out. Note that this characteristics are not exhaustive, however, they definitely top the list of what is important for a good Hair Coach to imbibe.

In this blog post, we continue to see other things that make up a good Hair Coach

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Who is a Hair Coach

A Hair Coach is an individual who uses a structural, and science backed, working approach to get their clients from point A to point B to help them achieve their Hair goals.

Characteristics of a Good Hair Coach (Cont'd)

A Good Hair Coach has Far sight: Scientifically, it is called prognosis. That is, you are able to see where the damaging is going to end if your client keeps on with the practices they have been engaging in. You know the results or the outcome even before the stages have began to show up, therefore you are able to advice in advance what to or not to continue doing as appropriate.

A Good Hair Coach has Empathy: When it comes to dealing with Hair, things can get really sensitive as the Hair is part of what boosts the self esteem of a lot of people. Therefore, you must be bale to show your client that you understand what they are going through and that you are there for them.

A Good Hair Coach is Solution-Focused: As a Hair Coach, you have the right solution to you want to proffer to your client at hand, so there is no point beat about the bush or recommending things that don't have a direct impact on the clients Hair issue. You should simply focus on achieving the solution to the problem that has been identified.

A Good Hair Coach is a Good Listener: This is one aspect that is incredibly important for Hair Coaches and a skill that must intentionally developed. You should not just listen to the words of your client , you should listen with everything around. Listen with your eyes, your ears and your "sixth sense". You should listen to not just the words, but also the body language of your client.

A Good Hair Coach is a Good Communicator: This also is another important skill for a Hair Coach. Both oral and written communication skills is a must as you need to be able to pass across information to your client in the best possible way as well as take records of what your client says to you.

A Good Hair Coach Must be Therapeutic: Your client must be able to come to your presence and feel better because they are talking to you. You should be able to provide comfort outside of the regular such as a relaxing and comforting conversation that helps them relieve baggage band tension. Don't worry, I'm not saying you would also need a certificate in therapy. But this is just something to add that makes everything better and worth it.

A Good Hair Coach Must be Honest: Be honest with your clients. Don't tell them about achieving results they are not going to see in a short while. Don't tell them you can solve their hair issues in one week when you know that is not possible. Don't tell them a product would work for them just because you want to sell it off. Trust me, honesty would really take you very far in the Hair Coaching Business.

Which of these characteristics have you been imbibing and which are you looking forward to developing, let me know in the comment section below.

If you are able to lock all these characteristics in and more, trust me when I say the sky is the limit in the business of Hair Coaching for you and not only would you reap the benefits, your clients would also stand a lot to gain from you in turn.

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