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10 Benefits of Hair Coaching to The Coach and Client
10 Benefits of Hair Coaching to The Coach and Client

While you are pondering on the exact meaning of Hair Coaching and if you are already doing that or you are in a different value chain in the Hair Care business but want to either add or switch to becoming a Certified Hair Coach, you can check out The Strategy to Becoming a Successful Hair Coach were we take a dive into what Hair Coaching really is and how to navigate it.

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In this post, I would outline the 10 benefits of Hair Coaching to both the Coach as well as the client.

Its not a surprise that a lot of Hair Influencers, Hair Stylist and Hair Enthusiast are still sleeping on the opportunity that Hair Coaching is. After careful research, we found out that there is a huge market in the Hair Care world in dire need of Hair Coaches for these reasons below;

  • The internet is filled with generalized Hair Care solutions.
  • Generalizations makes it really confusing and causes a lot of trial and errors some of which are irreversible.
  • More individuals are becoming conscious of how they care for their Hair.
  • More individuals are willing to pay for the right information and regimen.
  • More Individuals crave personalized approach to Hair Care.

That being said, understanding the benefits of Hair Coaching would help you in your journey to becoming the best Hair Coach to any client that crosses your path. Below, I have outlined the 10 Benefits of Hair Coaching for the Coach and the client, so keep reading.

Benefits of Hair Coaching to The Hair Coach

1.Financial Empowerment

I mean, this goes without saying. With a ready market earnestly waiting for Hair Coaches, you can't be strapped for cash with this line of work. As long as you have built a strong reputation with the right knowledge, you won't find yourself short of clients.

2. Confidence

With the knowledge you acquire as a certified Hair Coach, you would have the much needed confidence to address any Hair or scalp issues brought to your table. Clients are able to trust you not just because you said so, but because they are seeing the results from your Hair Coach classes and tutorials.

3. Multiple Streams

If you are already in the Hair Care Business, adding the Hair Coaching service to your line just makes it better because you become a 360 Hair guru and the go-to for a lot of clients being that they don't just get their hair done(that is if you are a Hair Stylist), they can also get great coaching service to help them maintain their Hair after they leave your salon.

4. Up-Selling

As a Hair Coach, it becomes easier to up-sell to higher levels in the Hair Care industry Value chain. Talking about being able to sell yourself better as a Hairstylist, Hair Influencer or Hair Product formulator. Because people know you already have the knowledge of a Hair Coach as a backing, they can easily trust your other services, thereby making up-selling easier.

5. Credibility

With a certification in Hair Coaching, you gain credibility as people see you as someone who is knowledgeable about Hair Care Science. You are not just dishing out generalized ideas based off your personal experience, or experience of others, but you are actually able to Coach based on knowledge in Hair Care Science.

Benefits of Hair Coaching to The Client

6. Being coached by a knowledgeable Hair Coach helps the client to in turn gain the knowledge to solve their Hair and scalp issues when they follow the advice given. They do not rely on the plethora of generalized information they find online, but are able to work with the personalized approach give by their Hair Coach.

7. Clients actually spend less when they have a Hair Coach to run to when they have or notice the onset of any Hair or Scalp issues. The client doesn't just begin attempting to try different products or practices which might eventually have irreversible damage on their Hair. They have you to consult, and receive direct recommendations as against splurging excess cash on the trial and error process.

8. Clients are able to reach their Hair goals faster because they have a trust worthy Hair Coach who is guiding them every step of the way. They are less prone to mistakes, thereby, making their Hair journey smoother and helping them achieve their Hair goals with ease.

9. Clients are able to develop Hair Care Literacy with the knowledge gained from their Hair Coach and they use this to manage their properly. They can say bye to bad Hair Practices and Hair loss from Hairstyles, Products and other Hair Loss Causing situations they would otherwise have found themselves in.

10. Clients are able to build a working regimen they can stick to. As the Hair Coach would have guided them to creating a personalized regimen because no two head of Hairs are the same.

I hope these 10 Benefits of Hair Coaching for both parties have been able to shed light on why Hair Coaching is just the way to go right now. If nothing else convinced you, at least the financial part did I hope.

I would love to hear from you in the comments what your thoughts are and if you are already a Hairstylist, Hair Influencer or Hair Lover, and you are ready to begin your Journey to becoming a Certified Hair Coach, and start earning, sign up for the free Webinar Here.


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