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The Strategy You Need to Build a Hair Coaching Business
The Strategy You Need to Build a Hair Coaching Business

Hair Coaching is the new buzz word in the Hair Care industry. However, so many people are still trying to find out how to switch, transform or add Hair Coaching to their current role as either a Hairstylist, Hair Influencer, Hair Care Product Formulator or as a Hair Enthusiast. Before we get on to the matter at hand, which is the Strategy You Need to Build a Hair Coaching Business, let me briefly break down Hair Coaching.

What Hair Coaching is Not!

As a Hair influencer, having people come to you via Instagram DM, email, or post a message in your comment section, and you responding to them via these sources, is very different from Hair Coaching.

Giving your followers advice based off of your own personal Hair Growth practices is not Hair Coaching. Likewise, recommending Hair product Brands you are advertising to your followers is also not Hair Coaching.

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As a Hairstylist, when a client walks into your salon, and the client randomly tells you about how they feel their hair is not growing or how they haven't shampooed in 8 weeks, and you casually responding with an "I gotchu girl" is not Hair Coaching either.
Even if you advice your client on a few new products to try out or you give them a good steam and scalp scrub while chit chatting about how they need to do better with their hair but you got them still, isn't Hair Coaching either.

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As a Hair Product Formulator, recommending your top selling product to people with sever Hair & Scalp disorders in the guise that it would solve all their hair and scalp issues cannot in any way be categorized as Hair Coaching.

As a Hair Enthusiast, well, I can say that dishing out best practices to friends and family or people who ooh and aah about how the length of your Hair or edges has improved since the last time they say, doesn't also count as Hair Coaching if you know what I mean.

What Hair Coaching is!

Hair Coaching is the deliberate and intentional art of providing knowledgeable information about hair and scalp issues, and the solutions to these problems. 

Who is a Hair Coach?

A Hair Coach is an individual who understands the science of Hair Care and has the accurate Hair Care literacy knowledge, experience and skills to be able to examine, identify and proffer solutions to people who come to them with their Hair and Scalp troubles. The Hair Coach should also be able to recommend appropriate hair products and hair regimen based on individuals Hair Type, Hair Structure, and location.

A Hair Coach does not need to perform Hair or Scalp surgeries, neither does a Hair Coach need to inject people with serums or any Hair Growth potions in the name of resolving a Hair or Scalp issue. A Hair Coach simply coaches their clients based on their Hair Science knowledge, best products and lets them know when it is time to visit a certified Trichologist or Dermatologist for any advanced hair loss or scalp issues.

The Strategy You Need to Build a Hair Coaching Business

Many Hairstylist, Influencers, and enthusiasts might not be aware of the booming market the Hair Coaching Business is about to become. This is why a lot of people in the Hair Care industry are trying to diversify.

This is because, with the plethora of information on the internet about how to solve Hair and Scalp issues, a lot of people can get really entangled in all of it, and actually need a Hair Coach to guide them through every step of their Hair Journey.

Becoming a Hair coach is not a day's Job, so, before you start the Hair Coaching Business, you need to have a 360 understanding of the following;

  • What Hair Coaching is
  • The Role of Hair Coaching in the Hair Care Industry
  • The problems a Hair Coach seeks to solve
  • What a Hair Coach is and is not
  • Characteristics of a Hair Coach
  • Benefits of Hair Coaching
  • Critical steps needed to build a Hair Coaching Business
  • The Science, The Business, and The Framework

I have merely scratched the surface with the brief explanations I gave above on some of the points. But if you are aspiring to become a Hair Coach, and looking to build a Hair Coaching Business, and be successful at it, or you are simply looking to open up a new stream of income in you Hair Care Business or Brands, then you can sign up for the FREE Webinar, How to build a successful Hair Coaching Business, taking place on February 27, 2023

It is an Intensive Live Webinar where you will be taught all the steps to take to build a successful Hair Coaching Business, from the Hair Science angle, the Business angle, and the Framework angle.

You don’t want to miss it. Come ready because you are going to learn a lot, especially as there will also be a Live Q and A session when you can ask questions pertaining to the topic.

Please leave a comment below, I would love to know your questions or suggestions.


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